Cyber liability insurance
created for small business
You cannot prevent a cyber attack, but you can protect against the potentially devastating financial and reputational impacts with business cyber coverage. With advent of AI, cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and accelerating.
  • 43% of all cyber attacks are made against small businesses
  • 60% of small businesses fail within 6 months of a ransomware attack
  • Most small businesses do not have cyber insurance
Funds Transfer Fraud
Data Breach

Our Lloyd's-backed cyber insurance has been built from the ground up with the coverages that a small business needs when faced with a cyber event.
  • Cyber Extortion Losses
  • Incident Response
  • Reputation Protection
  • Data Recovery Costs
  • Business Interruption
  • Proven Claims Expertise
Surplus Lines Cyber Insurance, backed 100% by Lloyd's

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  $100K in Cyber Coverage
Annual business revenue up to $5M ($175 plus applicable taxes & fees annually)
  $250K in Cyber Coverage
Annual business revenues $5M - $10M ($300 plus applicable taxes & fees annually)
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